Date : 10 August 2012, 14:02 | 137 vues
Galerie Tornabuoni avenue Matignon in Paris is presenting an exhibition event and title Tout feu, tout flamme from october 5th to december 22th

The exhibition commissioner, Daniel Abadie, has choosen works by artists fascinated by fire.
(Abadie interview) " Fire has always been an obsession for certain artists
For example " the surrealists" had imagined that things burn but which in fact don't burn. Magritte said fire to saxophones and Salvador Dali to girafes.

In the middle of the fifthys, in the heart of abstraction some artists even started to paint with fire.

The first of them, Alberto Burri, started very early, trying to burn different materials, wood for exemple, and one day he came upon a material that was invading modern life, plastic, cellophane like the staff we used in the kitchen. He attacked with little flames and started to burn these plastics, producing forms from the materiel itself, it was the material's own language.

A few years later, another artist started to work with fire : Yves Klein. Klein's first work was on a blue monochrome canvas on which he put fire works. This gave a blue light for one minute.

(Rotraut interview) It was very pretty, very blue colour and a little gold and pink in the center But the blue was stronger than other colours. And the flames was fantastic because when you look the fire you could almost hear music. Because it dances. It really fascinated me.

(Abadie interview) So with these artists we discovered a huge area of artists who can work in secret and with mystery. Take CALZOLARI hiding a candle behind an ice lead freize. Or CHEN ZEN and his ashen windows.

So fire will be a sort of permanent aspect of 20th century art and this exhibition is meant to give us an idea.