Date : 22 July 2012, 14:42 | 182 vues
The Grand Palais in Paris is venue to The Foire International d’art contemporain (the FIAC) at its yearly rendez vous with the international art market, hosting180 galleries from 24 countries.

The works, rigourously selected, for modern as well as for contemporary art, and new works by young artists exhibit and confront each other, in a single venue, attesting to today’s great diversity of artistic creation !

Veritable launching pads into the international scene, prizes for young candidates , like the Marcel Duchamp Prize or the Prix Laffayette are coveted.

To satisfy an ever growing audience, the FIAC has extended into the Tuileries gardens as well as into the Jardin des Plantes with sculptures and the projection of artists’ films.

It also provides a platform for artists like Jean Dupuy, of the Fluxus movement :
(Jean Dupuy Iterview)
The list of colors at the top gives the text at the bottom ; that’s called an anagram.

I did this piece in 1967 and I described it here in 1984.

The stethoscope is placed on the heart of each patient.The aim is to build a geometric form and it’s called Cone : pyramid.

Fluxus was someone named George Maciunas ; he found the name and created the movement.

The first Fluxus performance was in 1962 in Weisbaen with Maciunas, Dick Higgins, Fluxus is a philosophy.

It’s independant and open, based on the idiot and freshness