Date : 7 May 2014, 11:33 | 149 vues
Not far from the Orsay Museum, the Custodia Foundation is housed in an 18th century private mansion where Turgot once lived. This Dutch foundation houses treasures of drawings, etchings and paintings that researchers and art lovers can view on appointment.

« This is a portrait of Andrea Del Sarto’s wife who was a very beautiful woman, and who often posed as the virgin for his paintings. The Getty is organizing an exhibition on Andrea Del Sarto in a year and a half, and has requested three drawings from us, including this one. »

Currently, there is a part of the Museum of Rotterdam’s collection of ancient drawings on display. It is astounding to see the delicate line in these 600 year old works.
In another room, works from the Custodia, are paired with Bojmans ‘ works.
Guided tours are given so as to discover this intimate place.